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Community engagement

We support some of these ministries purely financially, but we also serve practically. For example, we have hosted a training event for Resurrection Power, we serve celebration dinners for those in 3/4 house recovery, our community garden provides fresh herbs and vegetables to City Mission, and we host 7 recovery groups.


Who We Support:

Bishop Mundia Academy of Excellence in Kenya

Jericho Ministries of Honduras

Anglican Frontier Missions

Trinity School for Ministry in Ambridge

Pittsburgh Project in Pittsburgh

Shepherd’s Heart Mission in Pittsburgh

Coalition for Christian Outreach: W&J in Washington | Billy Reilly at Cornell University

The City Mission in Washington

Resurrection Power Ministries in Washington

The Lemoyne Center in Washington

Our Kids Kloset in Washington

Anonymous Groups (6)

Al-Anon Groups (2)

The Boy Scouts

The Girl Scouts

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