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Confirmation is a public celebration of faith in Christ.


For those who were baptized as infants, it is a claim of the promises made for you by your godparents. For those who were baptized as adults, it is a way of confirming your baptismal promises.


Do you remember those promises?


In baptism, we renounce Satan and all the forces of evil and turn to the Lord Jesus with trust and obedience. In baptism, we first lay hold of these promises. 


In confirmation, we stand up and confirm, “Yes! Jesus is my Lord!”


As we say these words with our brothers and sisters in Christ, we reaffirm our status as a member of the body of Christ. In order to be confirmed, one must complete a confirmation preparation course and also volunteer at least 10 hours with one of our ministries. Speaking to the Rectors is the first step in the process.


The Bishop will confirm duly prepared candidates when he comes for his yearly visit.

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