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  • Rev. Jamey Ruseell

A Soundtrack of Lament for Those Who Feel the Need to Leave the Church because of the Church

Hello Saints,

As I am writing this, the bishops of the ACNA are meeting in Latrobe, PA to select our next Archbishop. I would ask that you all pray for this process. Pray that they are given wisdom and the unity of the Spirit. Also pray for Tracey as she will be attending the Provincial Assembly next week. During this time the new Archbishop will be installed and much of the "business" of the national church will be discussed and/or voted upon. As a side note, you can also visit our office and see a photo of Tracey preaching at the last election of an Archbishop ten years ago.


So one of my favorite new Christian musicians just released her debut album last year. Her name is Anna Palfreeman and the album is called Certain. I am enjoying it is because it is not your typical worship release. It's not so much songs of praise, but instead songs that declare faith in the face of lament, doubt, and grief.


We all know there has been a huge exodus from the church over the last few decades, much of it due to pain caused by the church. Some of this pain was due to real abuse and other pain from the more subtle but still destructive bad theology. Yet, if you listen to some of these "Exvengelicals" (a name they also call themselves), they often have a hunger to know who God is. Many still consider themselves Christian, just trying to find a home. Every song on Certain feels like a lament, not for this group, but from it. One of my favorite lines from the track "I Believe" is


I believe in Your glory, 

I would've written a different story

But I believe in your glory.


This group has left a church that replaced faithfulness with blind optimism, blessing with prosperity, passion with emotionality, and love with moralism. And yet, many still want to find a place to get to know who Jesus is. I invite you to take a listen to Palfreeman's freshman offering and to get to know this group. You'll probably find echoes of your own struggles as well.


In Christ,


Jamey +


Spotify Album Link:



Almighty God, giver of every good gift: Look graciously on your Church, and so guide the minds of the bishops of our Church who shall choose a new Archbishop for this Province, that we may receive a faithful pastor who will preach the Gospel, care for your people, equip us for ministry, and lead us forth in fulfillment of the Great Commission; through Jesus Christ our Lord. 




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